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FB Homoeo About us

FB Homoeopathic clinic was established in 1999 at Chenabnagar (Rabwah). The name of FB became a symbol of not only quality treatment but also was known as Standard provider of quality and original homoeopathic medicine at its store. It also got a high recognition in the field of manufacturing of result oriented homoeopathic combinations and syrups throughout Pakistan especially in Punjab. However, the store and pharma manufacturing were given up in 2016. Since then a full-fledged attention is being paid in the field of prescribing with the help of latest research and remedy selection software. It has given a new dimension to its commitment and satisfactory treatment of our patients. Now with on line facilities FB homoeopathic clinic feels honored to extend its services worldwide. We by the grace of Allah almighty, would ensure that our commitment to soothe the agonies of sick comes up to the satisfaction of our patients. You can freely contact us on line for any sickness, acute or chronic. We shall always be at your service.